Will We Be Replaced By Robots? Here’s My Two Pennies Worth

You may have heard a lot of noise recently about AI writing. It isn’t something new, however, the recent launch of ChatGPT has brought AI writing to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

What is AI writing?

AI writing is software that can be used to create something as small as a single sentence, to a complete article.

Does this mean the end of human writers?

This has been the big debate recently and I personally don’t believe it is. The majority of people prefer dealing with humans. Does anyone really enjoy speaking to those annoying robots on the phone who can never understand what you are saying? or the online chat that just keeps referring you right back to where you started?

So I don’t see writing as any different, people want that human touch when they are reading. AI doesn’t draw from personal experience and you can’t have an in-depth discussion about what you really want from it.

Take these two descriptions shown in the image, one is written by me and the other by AI, can you tell which is which?

In case you were unsure, the first example is AI.

The first is very formal and to the point, and the second tells more of a story, something you can relate to and is written in a less formal tone. The question to ask yourself is, which example would you like to continue reading?

Will writers use AI?

AI can be useful, and many writers already use it for things such as spelling or grammar checking, rewriting sentences and research purposes.

I recently attended a webinar on AI writing and someone suggested that using AI to research was cheating, but someone quite rightly pointed out that AI would simply be pulling the information from other online sources, which is exactly what Google does, which is most likely where the information would be searched for before using AI.

Writers have been using AI for some time now, for example, Grammarly, is widely used to check spelling & grammar by some of the most accomplished writers and it could be argued that even Google is AI.

So there you have it. AI isn’t something I have a lot of experience with, but it’s certainly something I want to learn more about as I view it as a tool to enhance my own skills, but I do honestly believe that you can’t beat words that come from the mind of a real human.

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  1. Wow, this article has really opened my eyes to the potential of AI in the writing world! As a freelance writer myself, I was initially hesitant about the idea of AI taking over my job, but after reading this post, I can see how AI can be a valuable tool to enhance my writing skills. It’s great to know that AI can help with tasks like spelling and grammar checking, rewriting sentences, and even research. And as the article points out, AI can never replace the personal touch that comes with human writing. Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic!

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