Personalised Pricing That Fits Your Business Like a Glove

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a pretty little list here that details all my prices?

It would certainly make my life easier, too!

Each business I work with is unique, meaning every project I take on is, too.

For instance, writing a few social media posts with all the info on hand could take me a couple of hours.

But writing and researching a detailed 2000-word blog post, which needs to include keywords, is a whole different ball game.


Personalised Pricing

Everything I do, including my pricing, is tailored just for you.

I believe in fairness and making sure the price matches what you need and what I deliver in expertise, personalised attention, 


and the potential return on investment, which goes beyond just the cost.

That’s why I’ve created a detailed Let’s Get Started form.



It’s designed to get to know your unique needs, timeline, and budget. 

Once I have those details, I can prepare a personalised proposal just for you.



I want to make things easy and affordable for you.

That’s why I also offer bundle packages!

The idea is simple: the more of my services you use, the less you pay for each one.

Whether you need help with marketing, content creation, social media, or a bit of everything, 

my tailored bundle packages have got you covered.



I’m a big believer in rewarding loyalty.

Getting new customers in through the door is great, but I think returning customers are so important.

That’s why I offer retainer pricing exclusively to my existing customers who use my services on a regular, ongoing basis.

We agree on what services will be provided and whether they’ll be weekly, monthly or quarterly, for a fixed monthly price.


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I’ll tailor questions based on what you need. After that, I’ll send you a free proposal.

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