How Does A BBL Non-Surgical Facial lift Work? – An Honest Review

Recently, I’ve become more aware that I am ageing. My skin is not as plump as it once was, I think I have rosacea and my chin feels like it’s getting far too friendly with my neck!

With my 42nd birthday looming, I thought it was time to do something about it. I’m not keen on the idea of botox or fillers, I have nothing against them, I just worry how my body would react, I wanted something that didn’t involve needles or a big procedure, something that didn’t need me to hide indoors for a few days and didn’t take up too much of my time.

So I decided to book a BBL facial lift with Brazilan Booty Lift Bromley. This is described as a non-surgical procedure which is designed to remove unwanted fat from the face and chin and sculpt and contour the face whilst also targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Here’s how it went….

I arrived in Zoe’s beautiful treatment room in her home and began by completing a client consultation form whilst Zoe talked me through the process, which is broken down into 5 separate areas, cavitation, radio frequency, cooling, suction and finally, a facemask. She takes some pictures of my face from the front and sides and then we are ready to start.

Zoe cleanses my face & neck, first with a gentle cleanser and then with an exfoliator to prep the skin, she tells me all of the products she will be using today are from the BBL range.


Zoe explains that the cavitation uses ultrasound to melt down the fat cells, which are sitting snoozing beneath my skin, the cavitation liquidises them making them easier to move into my lymphatic system, which will then flush them out of my system. This is why it’s important for me to drink at least 2 litres of water each day and avoid, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks for the next 48 hours, as my body will prioritise removing those before my liquidised fat cells.

As Zoe applies a vitamin E gel along my jawline and under my chin, which helps the cavitation glide over the skin, she warns me that I will hear a loud buzzing sound.

Initially, the sound is quite loud as she gently massages the small nozzle over my jawline and chin, but not particularly uncomfortable and after a few moments I get used to it and it even becomes quite relaxing, like white noise. This is done for 5 minutes, then more vitamin E gel is applied and then another 5 minutes of cavitation.

Radio Frequency

Zoe tells me that she will now use radio frequency to heat the skin, this will stimulate the production of collagen, a magical protein in our body that helps to tighten the skin, which as we get older, our body produces less of. This will continue to work over the next 7-14 days and by having one single treatment, I should see results for up to 6 weeks, however, she does recommend a course of 6 treatments, to get more permanent results.

Again using a small nozzle, she massages the bottom half of my face including my neck, chin, and around the cheeks for the first 5 minutes, the second 5 minutes on my forehead, which she says can sometimes give a slight eyebrow lift as well as helping to smooth wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes and generally smooth the skin.

It feels like a nice warm glow and this time there is no sound, it’s just like having a face massage. I feel relaxed and am gutted when the 10 minutes are over!

Cooling Globes

After the heat of the radio frequency, Zoe uses glass cooling globes to cool down the temperature of my skin. She tells me that this will constrict blood vessels and provide a tightening effect as well as reduce puffiness and minimise pores.

Zoe gently massages the globes all over my face and neck, they don’t feel as cold as I expected them to, and I could quite happily nod off at this point. She tells me that clients who are having a course of treatments, sometimes choose to focus more time on specific areas such as tightening the skin or fat melting to suit their individual needs.

You can really tell how passionate Zoe is about these treatments and how much she enjoys helping people with their body confidence and she has the answers to all of my questions, of which there are many!

Vacuum Suction

Zoe tells me this part may be uncomfortable as she is now going to use the suction machine to push the fat melted earlier in the cavitation process into my lymphatic system.

Starting with my jawline the nozzle is drawn from the centre of my face to the sides, it’s firmer than the rest of the procedure and I can definitely notice where I have more fat on my face as it’s being used. I personally didn’t find it particularly uncomfortable at all, it kind of felt how I expected suction on my face to feel.

Once she’s finished, I can feel things happening underneath the skin and silently say farewell to my fat cells. I swear I can feel the hollows of my cheeks returning.

Face mask

Finally, Zoe applies a peach face mask, which smells divine! This is left on for 10 minutes to dry into a jelly, which is then peeled off. My skin already feels so fresh, firm and less flabby.

Once we’ve finished, she takes some more photos of the front and sides and we look at them together so I can see the difference. I am surprised to find that after only one treatment my face feels firmer and less puffy and my chin and jawline are definitely tighter.

We then talk about aftercare, which is pretty straightforward and even better and I can just go and carry on with my day as normal.

  • Most importantly drink water, 2-3 litres a day.
  • Avoid alcohol, and caffeine for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours
  • Wash with cool or lukewarm water for 24 hours.
  • Avoid junk food after the treatment.
  • Do some light exercise

I love that this is not only non-invasive, safe, melts fat AND tightens skin it is also really relaxing, a combination of a facial and a face-lift.

When I got home, I made sure I followed the aftercare by avoiding my beloved Coke Zero and drinking lots of water, my skin felt great!

The following morning, I took some photos of my own and was pleasantly surprised to see that my chin had not grown back overnight. If this is what happens in just one session, imagine the difference a whole course could make.

This is something I’m now giving serious consideration to! I might even try some of the other treatments they have on offer.

The cost of the 1-hour treatment is £150, but for a course of the recommended 6, it is £600 where you would see more permanent results and payments can be made in instalments.

Check out the BBL Bromley Instagram page for more amazing results.

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