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2024: Be Unapologetically You – No New Me Needed!

Are you tired of the typical New Year, New Me posts? I know I am. But bear with me, this isn’t another guide on setting goals – been there, done that. 

A few years ago, I was drowning in a sea of forgotten resolutions when I decided to shake things up. And guess what? It worked! By breaking down my goals into manageable monthly and weekly chunks, I achieved some of them. Of course, I’m still working on fitting into that dress from 2009, but hey, progress is progress, right?

Fast forward to this year, and I’m sitting down to write my first blog post of 2024. But something just didn’t feel right. I realised that I was trying to write what I thought people wanted to read. Isn’t that what a writer is supposed to do? Well, not when it comes to showcasing my skills and personality. I don’t want to be just another faceless writer behind a keyboard.

And then, I had a lightbulb moment while scrolling through LinkedIn. I stumbled upon a post that made me laugh, signed up for the mailing list, and wondered, “How did he do that?” The answer was simple: he was being himself! I was blown away by the author’s authenticity and unique voice, and I realised that’s what was missing from my writing. It’s time to stop trying to make the right impression and start being myself. 

Copywriting is all about adapting to a client’s voice, but for my own business, I need to use my own voice. I want my readers to feel like they’re talking to a friend, not just another writer in the crowd. I want to be vulnerable, sincere, and, most importantly, genuine. After all, we’re all in need of a little more genuine connection in this world full of AI.

So, as we move forward into 2024, let’s break free from the clichés and embrace our true selves together! Who knows, maybe by being true to ourselves, we can inspire others to do the same, just like Dave did for me.

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